Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hello, where did everybody go???

So Friday started off as normal, we sewed and sewed.  We got done at noon.  Scott and Veronica put all the machines up and then we had a farewell party,  After the farewell party we went to dinner. We had pork chops and mashed potatoes, oh, so good, they have the best mashed potatoes.  After dinner, Michelle, the travel agent on this cruise came to our room to talk to us.  Vickie jumped in the shower at about 6:45 p.m. (time is important).  Now keep up, here we go--the best part.  So half way through her shower, Vickie screams out, (why?, you ask).  Seems all the power went out on the ship. Yep, really, it did.  So after we figure out that we are not the only ones in the dark, we get the iPad for Vickie to have some light.  We sent Michelle back to her room, and darn if she didn't have power. So we sit in the dark.  Then Veronica decides she's going to take her shower.  About 8:00 p.m. the Captain says "ladies and gentlemen, ... we seem to have a water leak", WHAT???  Water leak?  Not good, we're IN the water.  So 8:01 p.m. and we're out of our room.  They announce they're going to have a comedian in the half of the ship that has power. so off we go.  Then our cabin steward tells us that decks 0 and 1 are flooded.  Ok, where are the life jackets?  Where is my life boat?  Stay calm, we don't need them...yet.  Ok, 9:30 p.m. we go back to our room, WE GOT ONE GLOW STICK!!!!!   That'll take care of the dark cabin, the dark halls, try going to potty in the dark.  Ok, we're fine.  We're in a sauna, so maybe I'll lose some weight tonight.  We call Scott, he's got power, he's upset cause he has no TV, Really?  I'm sleeping with my clothes and a life jacket on in the dark and he wants TV!

So now Veronica decides she's going to try to get some sleep, 'cause she has to drive us home tomorrow. So she gets her jammies on, gets in bed but only after they set up a "trap" for anyone trying to sneak into their room, 'cause they are going to sleep with the doors open.  Here is the"trap" in case you need one.  Put a table in front of the door, then a chair and then the garbage can.  Then if somebody sneaks in, you'll here a couple of tha, thunks and then you get up and beat him with your glow stick!    

Well, we were almost asleep and Scott pops in to "protect" us.  I guess from the other glow sticks on our deck.  He had a little light, and he's swinging it like a disco ball, that was fun.  Good thing I didn't have a seizure.  Then at midnight, the Captain says, Ladies and ... a little worse than we thought..., what, now deck 2 is flooded.  Yikes, it's coming up!  Then our cabin steward, Taylor and his supervisor, Allison decide we need light.  They bring a 4 foot long light bulb to tape it to our door. When Veronica saw Allison with it, she said "Are we having Star War battles?"  Allison says, "who is your father"  and after we died laughing Veronica says "no,no,no, it's Luke, I am your father" then they proceeded to tape the flood light to out door.  You could land a jet, and we're trying to go to sleep.  We kick Scott out, crawl under the blankets and gets a couple hours of sleep.  Nobody tried to get in our room, Taylor and Allison patrolled our halls all night long.  Their rooms were on deck 1, they told us in the morning that their rooms were flooded.  We got dressed in the dark, went to eat breakfast and got off   the ship.

Here is our ship again, Royal Caribbean's Serenade of the Seas.

It left a day late, so I guess they got the "leak" fixed.  What an adventure!  I guess they have better PR people than Carnival.

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