Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Adventure

Veronica and I are off onto another adventure.  This one will be taking us away from home for a whole month.  We're leaving on Monday morning.  Our first stop will be in Florida, yes, we're going to go to Scott's store.  We'll actually only be there for one night before Scott, Veronica and I jump in his van and drive up to Myrtle Beach.  Why are we going to Myrtle Beach?  Well, remember Debbie Caffery?

Well, she's got a retreat in Myrtle Beach and we're going!   I miss her, she is a grrrrreat hugger.  We'll be there for a while and then we're off to Florida.  Veronica will be staying with one of her friends and we'll hit 3 guilds, including the Martin County Quilt Guild.  Veronica will be there giving a lecture and workshop.  Then we're off to Austin, Texas for a few days for the Modern Quilt Guild Show, then we fly back to Florida, hop aboard another cruise ship and sail off to the Caribbean once again.  Then we finally come home in March, or we might stay for another quilt show in Tampa.
We're working on that.

We'll let know where we're at.  Keep up with us and see where we're at.

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