Tuesday, January 13, 2015

More retreat pictures

Everyone had such a great time at retreat.  It's ashamed it's over.  The good news is that Veronica's retreat group meets 4 times a year and they have such a great time at retreat.  The group is from all over, quilters come from the Houston area, the Dallas area, Waco, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Sometimes this is the only time they get to see each other.  So they really look forward to these great retreats. This retreat had three newbies.  Welcome to our group!        

This was made by Elsa, a newbie, it's for her guild challenge.

This is Ann's quilt.

This is Veronica's top.

Another one of Veronica's top.  Both of these were exchanges from a group that meets at Fabrics Etc. in Webster, Texas.  Winnie is the fearless group leader.  This is also a great group.

This is Veronica's new light.  The girls at retreat bring 2 gifts to exchange in a white elephant game. There is a lot of stealing, and lots of laughter.  Soooooo...... till April, when the next retreat is .  The group will try a new place in Huntsville, Texas, it's called 12 Pines.  This retreat was a Margie's retreat house in La Grange, Texas.  Yes, La Grange was made famous by Marvin Zindler and the Chicken Ranch.  Texas is full of surprises!

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