Monday, January 19, 2015

We're at Sea

Ahoy!  Jaggie here, Veronica and I sailed away on Saturday from New Orleans on a quilt cruise. You know the speaker that we had at Dayton last week.  Well, I put her in my suitcase and took her with us.  Ok, not really.  She works for Veronica and so we decided that we had so much fun with her at work that we would have a blast on a cruise with her.  Tomorrow we will be in Jamiaca and we will try to get you some pictures, but if we can't find wi-fi, we won't be able to.  On Wednesday we'll be in Grand Cayman and Thursday we will be in Cozumel.  I know we'll have wi-fi in Cozumel and pretty sure we can get it in Cayman, so plan to see pictures of our trip.

Western Caribbean

Doesn't this look relaxing?????????????/  and warm, we're freezing here!

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