Monday, September 22, 2014

Made It!

Here we are!  We made it to St. Charles.  We worked like dogs to set our booth up on Thursday.  We were almost done and then we heard a scream and somebody yell, "What did you do?"  We just closed our eyes and heard the whole 20' booth come crashing down around us.  So our booth, the two behind us and the stage came crashing down.  Poor Leslie, we gave her a heart attack.  We've got pictures of the two of us.  She's such a cutie and a great snuggler.  You'll see her.    

So here I am, this is how I rode most all the way to St. Charles.    

I got a boost after a stop.  I just couldn't see where we were going.  Thanks for giving me a boost up!

Here is my bed at the Wyndham.  Oh, it was soooooooooooooooo comfy.

Here I am in our booth on Friday, looking so handsome in front of a couple of Amy Bradley's quilts. She was at the show teaching and lecturing.  Here is her Meet the Tweets.  Over on my left is her Princess quilt.

 Here is a better look.  Poor quilt, it got this crease after the booth fell on it.

These are pictures of our booth and here I am with Leslie.

See our silver pins?  That means we're important!  Ok, I made that up, but it does say VIP on it.

More pictures tomorrow.

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