Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tip Thursday Sew Fresh Skunk Dog?

Sew Clean

Did You Know?.... Sew Fresh is a Non-Toxic Formula.

Nothing worst smelling then a wet “man’s best friend”. If you own a dog then the odor of a wet dog is a familiar smell to you. With a bottle of Sew Fresh, say goodbye to wet dog odors for good.

Here’s how - Simply spray Sew Fresh formula straight onto the dogs fur and brush in the formula using your finger tips. Is this safe…Sew Fresh formula is so nontoxic that you could drink the formula. 

Spray 2 triggers for every 10 pounds of weight; 
30 pound dog = 6 triggers.

NOTE: Skunk dog? During the bathing
stage and while the soap is still lathered up,
spray Sew Fresh onto the dog and work the
formula into the lather. Let it set for 3-5 minutes
and rinse. Repeat bathing steps if necessary.

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