Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Retreat time

Veronica  was going to to to Bend, Oregon tomorrow, but these Texas allergies are kickin" her behinnie.  So instead, she and one of our other employees, we'll call her V, are off to retreat.  Actually they left here yesterday.  Veronica called to see if they still had room and they did, so she packed her bags and off they went.  There were 11 in all going to retreat.  This is a new place called Stoney Creek.  she should get plenty done.  Veronica took enough stuff to keep her there for a couple of weeks.  They'll only be gone this week, but she did not want to run out of stuff and be bored.  Here is a little bit of her pile of "stuff" going to retreat.  We'll get a peak at what she gets finished when she gets home.  She took things that were on her UFO list.  She also took a couple of scrappy quilts for future classes.    

So we'll have to wait till Monday to see what they both got done.   

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