Monday, September 15, 2014

My first Round Robin meeting

I was so excited when "the girls" let me go to their secret Round Robin meetings that they have been having.  Veronica drove and there were 7 of us rolling down the road in Veronica's van.  I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself.  We drove over to Quilter's Cottage in Richmond, Texas. There are 36 members in this year's Round Robin Group and a couple of Lone Robiners.   Our group is "Owl B Quiltin" and we're having a ball.  Our group consists of Ana, Ann, Eileen, Joan, Michelle J. and Veronica.  Michelle L. is our Lone Robin, she rode with us and will be in our group when it's our turn to host the meeting.  She actually made the covers for our books.  Yes, our group has books, they get sent around with our suitcase of fabric and medallion.  Yes, they all have suitcases of fabric.  I've checked them all out.  They all have great fabric in them.          

This is Joan's.

This is Eileene's.

This one is Ann's.

Michelle J, has a cool bus.

Here are some of our groups centers.   

Here I am in Veronica's suitcase.  See she added borders and turned it on point.

We are missing Ana's and Michelle L.'s centers.   We'll try to get pictures and add them.   

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