Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rain, rain go away...

Sunday morning we woke up and Veronica said, "I"m going to clean a bit, sew a bit, clean a bit, sew a bit and clean a little bit more".  Well, what she really did was sew and sew, eat lunch, sew and sew and sew some more.  She blamed it on the rain.  I thought she was going to vacuum, but I guess the rain stopped her.  She did say it was very dangerous to wash dishes during the storm, I guess she could be right. Sew, she sewed all day.  Back at the end of July Veronica started these while she was cleaning her sewing room.  She got 6 done and that's all she's done, until today.  Sew today, was her sewing day to work on these little gems.


These are small blocks and she is really using ups tons of scraps.  She saves anything that is 3/4" or bigger.  She needed 1" strips for these little guys as the strips finish at 1/2". Yes, she is a little touched in the head.  The whole block finishes at 4 1/2", 5" unfinished.  I know it's a strange size, but that's what it is.      

This is what she got done today. From 6 blocks to 24 blocks.

Here is a close up of the stars.  She has used so many colors.  She just reaches into the box, pulls something out and sews it on.  She is not choosing any colors, just all colors. Originally she wanted all the centers of the diamonds to be blue, but she ran out of tiny pieces and couldn't BEAR to cut a "bigger" piece, so she just used all the tiny pieces that were left from the longer 1" pieces.  I thought I was the only silly bear in this family, apparently not.      

Check out the diamonds.  Isn't it great how it makes a secondary design?  I love secondary designs.

Well, we're off to sew some more.

After 12 1/2 hours of sewing, Veronica came downstairs with another UFO top done.  She's a maniac!!!  She also vacuumed that white carpet, it looks so much better now.  And really, if you live on a ranch why would you have white carpet?

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