Tuesday, July 1, 2014

6" Inch Block Workshop

Remember back on June 6th when I announced that Veronica and Elsa would start a precision piecing class at Cactus Quilts making 6" blocks?

Well, here are a few of Elsa's blocks.  She's been working really hard on them.  Aren't they awesome?  These are 22 of her blocks. Sorry, but we only had this pink piece of flannel to put it on.  We'll try to get a white one next time.                                                  

 Veronica is making her blocks using Aunt Grace fabrics.  She's only got 10 done.

This is Veronica's favorite.  

Here are some of Carla's blocks.  She's got nine done.  We gave her some homework for this week.  This nine patch finishes at 6", so those patches are really small.  We cut those at 1 3/16" of an inch.

Here are some of Sara's blocks.  She's got 19.

I guess Veronica and Carla better get busy.  The book has over 200 blocks, so they're going to be working for a long time.  We'll keep you updated, so stay tuned.

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