Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's Like Eating Potato can't stop with just one, one day , that is...

Yes, it's true.  I think Veronica has lost her mind.  I heard her mumbling something about gotta keep going, gotta keep cleaning.  She got up Saturday morning and went straight to the sewing room.  I heard her mumbling that she wanted her table with the cutting mat back, I wasn't aware that it was gone.  Then I remembered, yesterday this cutting mat was underwater, I mean fabric, but seriously, it was drowning.   So now, it's cleaned off and she's ready to sew again.  

Here is her sewing machine, it's ready to go as well.  She says shes feels great and is ready to get going on her "stars" again.

So here's what she has done.  She actually worked on a star between the plastic tub packing.  She says that was her "reward".  I like berries as my "reward" for working, but not everyone likes the same things.  Oh, well, more berries for me.

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