Thursday, July 24, 2014

Where do you sew?

As I sit here sewing, I look over to my left and YIKES!, yes that is my cutting station over there.  I think I've neglected my sewing room and just thrown in the towel trying to keep it all organized.  Hmmmmmmm, I see stuff from my Panama Canal cruise still in the Holland America bag.  And there is one of my 11000SE on the floor under the plastic box with the blue lid.

There are my Rubbermaid tubs from retreat.  Wow, I can't even see the shelf behind the plastic tubs.  Maybe I should stop stuffing "stuff" under the table.  Ok, I'm gonna tackle that real soon. My rulers are in place, so that's good.  Hmmmm, what else do I need to pick up?

Ok, so my sewing table is a little messy, I'll work on that too.  Hmmmmmmmm, what else?

I guess the rest of that corner has gotten messy as well.  Oh, look, there's that lampshade.  We bought lampshades for a doll class that we had, yes, I'm in the Material Girls doll club in Houston as well.  I do have shelves, lots of them as a matter of fact.  Ok, this will be my weekend project.  
                                                  Veronica-Jaggie is snoozing

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