Monday, July 21, 2014

Saturdays Bitty Lone Star

Here we go again.  This Bitty Lone Star is great, it seems like we teach this at least once a month. I guess that is because it is so easy.   Remember there are no set in seams and no diamonds, just easy rectangles. Everybody goes away with that "aha, I got it now" feeling.  It really does look hard, but is so, so easy.   If you don't see it on the schedule, just let Carla or Elsa at Cactus Quilts know that you want to take this class and we can set it up.  That's what this group did.

Here's Bea, working hard.  I love her colors.  Look at Jessica in the background, she's having a great time.

Jessica is showing off one of her star points..Good job!  Red is my favorite color.  

Here is Sue.  She's working so hard and trying hard to ignore all of us.  I think sh's just fooling us, I'm pretty sure she's the one who had Jessica laughing.  Sue is working with colors that are "out of her box".  She used a black, some grays and a white.  She actually used 7 colors for hers and everyone else used 4.  Veronica used 4 on hers, she says she'll do a 7 color one next.  

 Cat is hard at work.  She had 1/4 of hers put together before she left.  Great job!

We had a great time, thanks for making my Saturday a great one!!!

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