Monday, July 28, 2014

What did I do???????????? Jaggie interviews a UFOaholic

Investigative Reporter:  Jaggie the Bear

So Sunday morning I woke I feeling great.  I was going to get a UFO done, finished, quilted and put on the bed.  I had most of my blocks done and sewn into strips, but I wanted it a little bit bigger.  I was so excited. Today was the day!  I pulled out the pattern, pulled out the fabric, started cutting and sat down to sew.  I sewed and sewed and sewed.  I got up and pressed my blocks.
I went downstairs to lay these new blocks down and realized I had made 9 blocks too many.  So now the dilemma is do I make more and make it bigger or do I just use the 9 I needed and keep the other 9 that I "over" made.  Decision made, I set my 9 blocks down on the ends of my row and then, OH NO, the new blocks are too big.  Poooop!  I grab the pattern, check the sizes on the blocks, yep, they're perfect,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, must have made the original blocks smaller.

Yes, they are 7 1/2 finished.  Great, now I've added another UFO to my list with 18 new Ohio Star blocks that finish at 9".

So have any of you ever done anything like this.  I think I was just over excited and so eager to get it done, that I never even thought to look at the blocks to check the size.  This is what happens when you're "sure" you know what you did before. You think I'd learn, I did this when I started working on my UFO's 2 years ago as well.  (But I only did it once.)

What happened to those UFO's anyway?  Well, I did get 25 of those UFO's done and then I gave up.                

So here it is, I ripped 8 of the blocks and here they lay.  Then of course, the next thing I wanted to do is put those other blocks into something, but now I don't have enough.  In my brain, I had 8 left, not 10.  So I made one more of the "bigger" size so I could put 9 together.  Then I counted and I had 11, geez, let me go make one more...

I know we're supposed to measure twice, cut once, but who says count first and cut second.  I think my sugar levels are out of whack.  I need a cookie.    

Actually, I tell all of my students that they can ask any question, none of them are dumb questions. If something can be done wrong, I've done it and they should learn form my mistakes.  I actually do learn from my mistakes, maybe not the first time, but I do eventually get it.  Sometimes I come up with something great after I've made a mistake, so they're not all bad and sometimes I get a great laugh at what I've done.  Laughing is good, right?

Veronica Cox, as told to

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