Thursday, June 12, 2014

Blue got jealous

Poor blue.  Maybe that's where"ya' got the blues" came from.  Or am I the only one who says that?  I am a silly bear, after all.  Well, blue was jealous because red got all the attention the other day, and we've got tons of blue fabric as well, so that's what we're working with now.

We really do love blue and white quilts, we love red and white quilts as well.  Actually we love two color quilts a whole lot.  

Well, we love quilts with lots of colors, to.  Ok, you caught me, this silly bears just loves quilts!!!

So this is a really easy scrappy quilt.  This particular set of blocks was made by our friend Marion. Thanks for letting us use your picture and ours will be up pretty soon.  We don't even need to make our strips the same width for this one.  You just sew up all of your scraps, cut your blocks and sew them into these wonderful Sawtooth Stars.  Sew, sew easy to make.
See ya' soon,


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