Friday, June 20, 2014

Yummmmmmy Food in Alaska

They've got lots of salmon up here.  Who knew?  Well, I for one am happy, happy, happy.  
I've never had this much food in my life.  
Then there's the ship food.  There is food everywhere, all day long, all night long.  They have all kinds of food and berries by the tons.  I spent so much time eating all around the ship, that I was offered a job.  Here I am, I'm making waffles with Mona Lisa.  I love her.                                

Don't know who this guy is, but he greeted us and I thought I should add him to my list of new friends.

This is Finna.  She made me bacon and eggs every morning.  She got me ice cream every night after dinner.  She's a keeper.

Ok, so after eating all day, I thought I would try to go dog sledding to run off some of that wonderful food.  These are 2 huskies I found just hanging around.  Ok, so they're not real, but a bear can dream.......   

  They are kinda' cool though.

Who is that handsome bear? 

We're having so much fun on this and all of our other cruises, you should think about joining us on one of our cruises.  We've got one scheduled for May 2015 and we're planning more.  You can find out about our May cruise to the Caribbean in a blog post we did on May 24th.  come join us and stay tuned for more adventures from Alaska.

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