Monday, June 16, 2014

Jaggie Goes To Alaska

Ahoy Quilters. I finally get to go to Alaska.  Last time Veronica went on a quilting cruise to Alaska she took her husband Kevin and left me at home.  Well, this time its a guys trip.  Yes, Kevin took me along with Scott and Sam.  We had a great time.

I'm so tired.  We partied all night.

We had so much luggage we had to get our very own van to take us to the ship.  My job was to keep an eye on it.  As you can see I take my job seriously.  Ok, maybe I'll close one eye at a time.

I'm awake, I smell lunch.

So off we went on our journey to the port in Seattle.  I saw our ship and I was so excited I could hardly wait.  Kevin had to grab me as I was going over the fence.

Then I met Penny and Dale.  Here's a picture of Penny, she's tired as well.  Do you see her? She's a 20 month old Chocolate Lab.  I like chocolate very much.  Sorry, back to Penny.  She tried to eat me too, but we came to an understanding.    She's got a good sniffer on her.  Can you see what she does?  She sniffs out explosives.  We spent quite a while talking to her and Dale, they live over in Canada and work both sides of the border.  What a cool job.  I wish I could sniff anything that wasn't food, but unfortunately, I can't.  I can sniff out berries for miles around.  That's Sam sitting next to Dale, I kinda like to think he's got my back there.      

After spending time with Penny and Dale, our sewing machines arrived and it was time to get back to work.  Penny sniffed and I had to unload the truck, she's got such an easy job.  (sigh)
I'm really not sleeping guys.  I'm just resting for one teeny minute.

Next we went inside to check in and I got to meet some great ladies.  They wanted to make sure I could find my lifeboat, so they put a bracelet on me that let's everyone know where I need to be, you know, just in case......

After I got my bracelet, we sat for a bit and then we got to get on the ship.

Let's go!!!  Let's go!!!  Let's Go!!!!!!!!!

Kevin seems happier than Sam.
Smile, Sam, you're in pictures now.

All ready.  I got my Sail and Sign card.   Let's go!!!  Follow me to quilting fun.  I get to sew on Janome 8900's.  I'm so excited!!!  Please take me the ship and to Scott, he's got the machines.  Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go.

Ok, we're finally outside and I ran into Moosie.

He's not so big, I think I can outrun him if I have to.

Ok, we're getting on the ship and to our first make and take.  Stay tuned for more adventures.......


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