Thursday, June 19, 2014

Juneau Alaska

We made it.  It's really cold here.  I only brought shorts because I thought I could handle it.  My fur doesn't seem so thick now.  Brrrrrrrrrr.  Oh, I was in the elevator with an officer and he just had to take his picture with me.
   Aren't we a handsome duo?  Ok, so we got off the ship and I met Wanda at the quilt store.  Wanda used to live in Texas, she's one of Veronica's friends.  We really miss her.
HI Wanda.
    Then we left to go to the bus that was going to take us to Mendahall Glacier.  They let me drive.

This is my seat.  I had a great view.  

  Ok, not really, I was a little too short for the pedals.  Here is our real driver.

Look at what I got to see.    


Then we went inside to check out the "chunk" of 200 year old ice.

Then we went on a hike.

Ok, so we made it back to our bus and we went on a boat to see whales.  The Captain said I could drive the boat.  I was so confused the steering wheel was not like it was on the bus.

Ok, I think that's better.  But alas, I had to sit over by the fire equipment and watch so I would know how to drive this boat next time.

We had a great time and had to go back to our ship.  On the way I saw a relative.
He's a little bit bigger than me.

I'm not sure who these ladies are, but you know I'm a ladies man, er, bear.  So I took a picture with them.

More adventures tomorrow .......

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