Sunday, June 15, 2014

We made our own Batik fabric

So back on May 16th we told you about our batik fabric that we made in St. Kitts.  It was a mess, we didn't want to show it until we cleaned it up a bit.  It had dried beeswax all over it and was too embarrassed to show it's face. So we boiled it a few times and washed it a few more times and finally dried it.  Here it is.

Veronica made this one with the turtles.

Kevin made this one.

Mary, who taught us how to make our fabric made this and gave it to Kevin.  I think she was a little sweet on him.

We were invited to come back and spend a week working with them to make our own fabric.  We'll have to see when we can do that.  Maybe in the winter time when it's really cold here.  See ya' soon,  

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