Monday, June 23, 2014

Ketchikan and even more bears

Well here we are in Ketchikan.  It's reallllly cold today, but we set out anyway.  We walked all over downtown, ok, really just a couple of blocks and then got back on the ship because we had more quilting to do.  Do you see the map  of Ketchikan, it's not very big at all.  That's Kevin, he's trying to be cool with his new sunglasses.  Doesn't matter that the sun is shining in my eyes (sigh), I'm just another bear hanging around Alaska.

We went to one of the stores and I got captured.  I was telling this mama bear that I knew how to cook, remember I was making waffles on the ship with Mona Lisa, so guess what?  We're off to cook up a storm.  They don't know how to make waffles.

Oh, on the way to the kitchen, I found this Bear Crunch and got away from mama bear.  I'll be here eating...

Is that a bear paddle????????????????  Yikes, are those claws??????????????????  Help, get me outta here.

Eagle to the rescue.  
Did you know that the eyes of a bald eagle are so keen they can spot a fish from over a mile away. Bald eagles are truly impressive birds of prey.  Not only can they spot a fish from over a mile away, they can also fly at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour and dive at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

Hi Buddy, have you seen my ship?

Look, I found a baby eagle on my way back to the ship .  How cute is he?  Oh, no I see his mama again, gotta run. Wait, I want a hat, I need to be a "real" Alaska bear.  This is our last stop after all. How does this look?

I'm hungry, I'm going back to the ship where they have berries...........

Canada watch out for us, we'll be there tomorrow.

The did you know info on bears and eagles came from Captain Bob Allen's route map and field guide.  I got it the day I tried to drive the boat, remember?   Thanks Captain Bob!

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