Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sitka Alaska and the Big Bears

Did you know black bears come in more colors than black?  While black bears get
 their name primarily from the coloring of their fur, they come in a variety of colors including brown (cinnamon bears), cream and blue, yes blue, they are the glacier bears.  

Ohhhh, so fluffy.

Run Kevin, run!!!!!  I'll save you.  There are so many bears up here.  I'm feeling lost in the crowd.  
Help!  I can't get down.  Ok, let me try getting down on the other side.
Didn't work!  I'm still stuck.  
Thanks lady!  She loves bears and she helped me out.  
OH, more food.  Let's eat.
Yikes, another bear.  Run guys, run Scott, run Kevin, I'll keep him busy.
See all I had to do was talk him to death.  We're all friends now.

Well, that's all I did in Sitka.  I saved the guys and now we're off tot he ship for more quilting fun.  Who are we quilting with?  Stay tuned and you'll see.

The did you know info on bears and eagles came from Captain Bob Allen's route map and field guide.  I got it the day I tried to drive the boat, remember?   Thanks Captain Bob!

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