Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My friends from Alaska

This is Bijana.  She's a sweetie.  Don't cry, I'll be back.
Wow what a great crew aboard the Westerdam.  I met so many great people.  Lots of girls!!!!

A couple of nice guys, but the girls were the best.  Every bear loves girls!!!!!  They cuddled and snuggled with me, they kissed me and hugged me, I was in bear heaven.
This is the jewelry crew.  Hi Carmen, you cutie!  Miss me??

Janine gives great hugs.  Don't be jealous guys. 

Nun is a smoocher!

This is the best smile of the whole cruise.  Don't you think?

Ok, so the guys are Naved and Glen.  Glen is the one holding my arm, he's checking out my arm band.  I told him I went to the glacier, but I think he just needed to see for himself.  What a great bunch of people.
This is what I call the "King" chair.  Oh, so comfy.
 More adventures in eating and dog sledding next,,,,,,

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