Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I'm sure you've heard about the challenge.  Well Veronica got the challenge on Thursday evening. Yes, it was Scott who challenged her.  So on Friday evening she took the plunge.  Or rather she was dunked by her husband who says "I take great pleasure in doing this".  Hmmmmmmmmm, I wonder what that could mean.  So who did she challenge, it was a tough decision, Veronica's brother-in-law has this awful disease, so it took some thinking on who to challenge.  In the end, her nephews made the decision for her, yes, she will challenge all of the nephews to do this for Uncle Jim in Minnesota.

This is the way we do it in Texas!

Holy cow, that's cold!!!

 Will it ever end?????????????

Didn't faze those cows, did it?

So the nephews were dunked by their dads and then Veronica got the e-mail.  The entire L.... clan was getting together on Sunday to do the challenge.  Wow, that's over 100 people.  It was 6 sets of parents, so that's 12, plus their kids which is 29 cousins, plus, geez... over 100 grandkids and then the great grandkids, I think there were even a couple of great-great grandkids.  YIKES!!!!!!!  We had bar-b-q afterwards because that's how we do it in Texas!!!!!

Grandma would have loved it.

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