Monday, August 11, 2014

Round Robins

Veronica has been in a Round Robin group for a year and they had their reveal this past weekend. They have 4 different groups with 6 quilters per group.  They meet every other month at different quilt shops.  There were some amazing quilts presented and lots of tears and happy smiles. Veronica says hers is the best, and it really is amazing, but truthfully there were many amazing quilts.  There were lots and lots of pictures taken and we'll be showing those next week.  One team at a time.  Have fun looking at our quilts and if you're interested we are starting a new year in September and we've got room for 3 more quilters on Veronica's team.  There will be 6 teams in all.  If you would like to see some quilts from past Round Robins, Sabrina, our "keeper" will be at Dayton Quilt Guild to give a lecture on August 13, 2015.  Our meeting starts at 10:00 a.m. and we meet at Calvary Baptist Church in Dayton, Texas.            

These are two of Sabrina's quilts from previous Round Robins.  She like theme quilts.  She did an Autumn quilt with our group last year.  She will have tons of quilts, so come visit us and look at these great quilts.

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