Friday, August 15, 2014

Where are those strips???

 Where are they?  I know they're here.  I gotta find them.

Found them.  I'm working very hard.  Gotta get it done.  Gonna sew all night if I have to.  Why? Well, because I'm working on the Idaho Beauty for next weeks class.  I know Veronica made one, but she made it for Carla at Cactus Quilts.  I want one for me.  Just because I have fur doesn't mean this bear doesn't get cold.  You know we're half way through the month of August, that means if I don't hurry I won't have a quilt for winter.  Come make one of these quilts with me on Saturday, August 23, 2015 at Cactus Quilts.  It'll be so much fun.       

Here is a picture of Carla's quilt.  See you next week at Cactus Quilts.  Come back Monday to check out that blog post, it's about...

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