Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jaggie's off to Hawaii

Do you know who this is????  How about Kaye Wood and Veronica, oh and don't forget me, Jaggie the Bear!  And we're off to Hawaii on a 15 day cruise.  I'm so excited!!!!  Come and join us.

Who do you call, well Mike, of course.  He's over at Rockport Tours.  His phone number is toll free, so it's free to you.  The free number is 888-937-3488.  Can you believe that's all the freebies this bear is allowed to give away.

You'll get your very own table at the beach...

your very own hammock, and


Don't forget, you'll also get your very own towel animal.

And as always, Scott will be bringing machines for you to sew on.

Well, I'll see you onboard!

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