Tuesday, August 19, 2014

...Miles and Miles of Texas, or is it Piles and Piles of...

Half square triangles.  Yes, that's it, piles and piles of these half squares triangles.  What are they for you ask?  Well, Veronica wants to make Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Ocean Waves.  Bonnie's pattern calls for 5884 pieces.  Yikes!  That's a lot.  Best of all they finish at 1 1/2" and anyone that knows Veronica knows she loves tiny pieces.

So here is the pile Veronica sewed together in Charlotte as a demo on Janome's 8900.  These are all different sizes, and she just sewed and sewed.  She has been collecting waste triangles since 1990.  So she's got tons of scraps.

Down here are the unsewen triangles.    She's got piles and piles...

 Here are some solids, she'll just blend them in with the rest.

Wow, here are some oldies!

More oldies over here.

If you would like to make one along with Veronica the pattern can be found at Quiltville.com.  Veronica spent part of the day visiting with her friend Suzy and she cut these down to size, actually a little smaller than what Bonnie called for. Veronica cut these at 1 3/4", hers will finish at 1 1/4", she couldn't get anything bigger form her scraps. Bonnie's finished at 1 1/2". Veronica hopes to get some of it put together before her cruise with Bonnie in November 2014.

Stay tuned...


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