Friday, August 1, 2014

Day 2 Charlotte AQS Show

Day 2 started out with a bang!  Yes, Debbie (Caffrey) came to see me, she really missed me, it's been like a month.  We're snuggling now.

Then Scott and I joined the Charlotte Quilter's G.uild

Yes, we really did.  Check out the "girls" from the guild.  See Scott even got a sash, they were way to big for me.  I'm ok, I've got my blinged out shirt.

 This is their Quilts of Valor quilt.
 I'm going to learn how to embroider today.  Oh, yeah, I'm working in the Janome booth today.

Look what I made, it says, "I Love Janome".

                      All Done.
Now I'm moving on the the 8900.

Sam made this zipper vest on that machine.  Veronica has that machine at home.  She loves it.  

This is Dudley, he's helping out.  

 My new friend.  I think she bought a new machine, see she's got a huge smile.

Check this out, it's made on an embroidery machine.

This is Kelley, she works for Janome, she's the expert machine quilter.  She's working at the new sit down quilting machine.

Look at all the goodies Sam made.  No, I'm not going to wear the TUTU!

I've had a fun filled busy, busy day.   I was the cashier for awhile, but...time for my nap.  

See you tomorrow....

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