Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Black fabric

I've often told friends that I don't like black fabric.  I know a lot of people do, I just never seem to have any luck with it.  I've had 3 different quilts that have had black in them and they just shred and go away.  All three were made at different times, all the fabric was good quilt shop quality fabric, nothing cheap.  The first one was made by my mother-in-law for us and the black just shredded.  What do you tell your mother-in-law?  Good thing we're on pretty good terms.  It took me a few years to tell her, but I did.  And no, this quilt was never used or washed, it was small and just thrown up on the wall in front of the sofa.  The sun never hit it.

Next, I made another one with my friend Pearl.  We were working on a Strip quilt.  I had half of it sewn together and I had to rip it all out.  Made me ill.  Now all I have are squares, geez..........

Next I made a Trudi Hughes pattern, and Yes, the whole top was made and now I'm ripping that one, it's real easy though, you just pull on the fabric and it falls apart at the seam!

Yep, I don't like black.

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