Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cutting it close

Wow, that's an understatement.  Veronica used up another spool, but it doesn't count.  Why? Well, because she used it for embroidery.  She's only counting spools she uses for piecing.  So this spool is already in the trash can.  Can't be counted, it's gone.

Aren't these boots cute?

Veronica made 15 of these.  They are for an exchange with her retreat group.  Yes, she has a retreat group.  They are called the Character Quilters and they meet 4 times a year.  They have members from the Houston area and The Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Oklahoma and Arkansas are represented as well. They do an exchange once a year, the last one was "Beach", they've done "Hearts" and Red, White and Blue.  There have been others, but these are the ones she's participated in.  These blocks are due in October and then they will start working on "Teapots/Teacups". They have over 20 members, but the retreats are usually limited to 14.  They don't really "limit" it and never tell anyone that they can't come, but the space is limited.  14 seem to fit really well.  They usually only get that many that sign up for any retreat.  They do have a great time and she loves her retreat group.  They do have a few games that they play, I like "the stealing game".  They do that game twice, sometimes it goes on and on and on, they have lots of laughs.  Veronica says "I'm so lucky to have found this group, I hope you have a group of friends like this.  Quilting is always more fun with a group of great friends and spending Thursdays thru Sundays 4 times a year is just the best time anyone can have". Veronica says I get to go next time, I'm so excited.


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