Friday, August 29, 2014

UFO Update

Ok, I've got an update on Veronica's UFO adventure with her quilt guild .  They decided that since not everyone has a quilting machine, they are going to call it done when the borders are finished. Here are a couple of Veronica's completed tops.

This is a King size quilt top.  Veronica thought about putting borders on this and finish out those stars, just like the one below.  But geez, it's huge!  So......It's done!

All done, this one is smaller, so Veronica went ahead and finished the star tips into the border.

Another giant quilt.  Veronica was not going to make anymore King size quilts, but it just grew and grew and grew.  She's calling this one done as well.  How are your UFO's coming along?  More updates at the end of next month.

See you Monday.

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  1. Wow! Great quilts! I especially love the middle one :)