Monday, August 18, 2014

Cool Australian Fabric

Check out this great Australian fabric that Veronica received as a thank you gift from several Janome store owners who were in the states for Janome International Institute several years ago. She found these while she was doing her "deep" cleaning a couple of weeks ago.  She's been wondering what to do with them and it hit her.  She's going to use it for her next Round Robin. But then again, she has that Basket block she made for the Round Robin, and she's got that Lemoyne Star and she's got.... Ok, so that list goes on and on, but isn't this fabric great?

Here is a second piece.  It is pretty cool. 

I'm sure all these designs mean something, and we'll have to do some research, but just looking at them is great.

I'm thinking this is the Tasmania Devil, maybe.

Just really pretty fabric and it feels good, it's yummy.......

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