Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 3 Charlotte AQS

More fun, fun, fun today.  We started the day with Scott vacuuming the carpet in the booth.  You all know that Scott is from citrus Sew and Vac, right?  Of course you do, he's the best dealer around.  Around here and Florida and all over the open seas.

Yes, I know he's blurry, but he was just zooming around the booth.  

He really gets into it.  He's got his I-Pad and he's listening to music as he works.  He's such a silly human, I thought only bears were silly...hmmmmmm.  Maybe he's furry too.

Here are some friends that I met today.

I got a new job today. I was promoted to head of Security at the show and I check as everyone comes in to make sure they have name badges and tickets.  It is a very important job, and I took it very seriously.  See that guy?  I took over his job, he's smiling because he's so happy, he can check out all of the quilts now.  Bye, bye.  Maybe he'll be back later and I can go back to the booth.    

Well, he did come back and I let him feel real important, I let him sit in the chair and I went back to oversee the booth.  I've got my eye on these guys in the booth, I'm way up here on top of the fixture where all of the extra feet are.  I feel really important up here.   


Packing to go home.  Tomorrow is the last day.  Boooooooooooooohooooooooooooooo.  See you soon.

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